Les voisins Da Quoté

  • Et si pour découvrir de la musique il suffisait d’écouter ses voisins ?
    Ouvrez les fenêtres, coupez votre aspirateur et tendez l’oreille… Tant de personnes, tant de références et de richesses musicales tout autour de soi.
    Rendez vous chaque mois avec Céline et Mathieu pour un témoignage musical différent.
    Les Voisins Da Quoté, l’émission qui traverse les murs !
  • Production : Céline, Mathieu et Nico

    Diffusion : Mercredi 19h et samedi 20h les 15 premiers jours du mois.

    Une émission Radio BLV

  • Les Voisins Da Quoté – 07

    Playlist :
    Caterina Caselli>Sole Spento
    The Cambodian Space Project>Here comes the rain
    King Khan And The Shrines>Kukamonga Boogaloo
    Chris Conde>Mariposa
    Patti Page>All My Love
    The Champs>Limbo Rock
    Félix Leclerc>Le tour de l’île
    Birds In Row>Remember Us Better Than We Are
    Dooz kawa>Passions Tristes
    Cancert Bats>Sabotage
    John Fullbright>Satan and St. Paul
    The dead South>In hell ill be good company
    And So I Watch You From Afar>Eunoia / Big Thinks Do Remarkable
    Cat Power>The Greatest

  • LesVoisinsDaQuoté-007


  • Les Voisins Da Quoté – 06

    Playlist :
    The DustBurds>That Driving Beat
    Jim Murple Memorial>Psocaly Land
    Kellylee Evans>My Name Is
    Ana Tijoux>Vengo
    Little Simz>Venom
    Eileen Barton>If I Knew You Were Comin’ I’D ‘VE Baked a Cake
    The Montesas>Midnight beat
    Romane Santarelli>Log Lady
    Vivir Quintana> Canción sin miedo ft. El Palomar
    Emilie Zoé>Tiger Song
    Brass Against>Wake Up
    180DB>Road Trip
    The Darts>Gonna Make You Love
    Kera and the Lesbians>Gypsy Song
    Rosie & The Originals>It’s Time To Go Home

  • LesVoisinsDaQuoté-006


  • Les Voisins Da Quoté – 05

    Playlist :
    The Fareaways>That girl
    Nathaniel Rateliff>Son of a bitch
    The Flippers>Danza Go-Go
    Infidelix>Anthem of the lost
    Jungle by night>El Miraglo
    The Drips>Broken
    Viagra boys>Schrimp shack
    NST & the Soul Sauce Kim Yulhee>Bak Taryeong
    Lyambiko, WDR Funkhausorchester>It’s oh so quiet
    Rendez vous>Double zéro
    Fever 333*>Trigger
    Skeeter Davis>The end of the world

  • LesVoisinsDaQuoté-005


  • Les Voisins Da Quoté – 04

    playlist :
    Los Bitchos – Pista Great star
    Sampa the Great – Final form
    The Woggles – Big beat strong
    The venus fly trap one girl band – You loved me fast
    Delanay Davidson – I slept late
    Ray Dorset feat Mungo Jerry – Feels like I’m in love
    Bridge of destruction – Shut the fuck up
    Pete Ross & the Sapphire – Pleased to meet you
    St Pierre snake invasion – Rock n Roll workshops
    Le Butcherettes – Wrecking Ball
    Sassja – Beton
    Black Luna – Dumpsey Ramona
    Oleg Kostrow – In three hands

  • LesVoisinsDaQuoté-004


  • Les Voisins Da Quoté – 03


    Kid Karate – Two time

    Snot – Joy Ride

    Mr David Viner – Bow your head

    Mean Motor Scooter – Aristobrat

    Jaypee Jaypar – Tale from dying man

    Goggs – Killing Time

    Praxis – War machine dub

    CW Stoneking – Brave son of America

    Bridge City Sinners – Ashes

    Bandit – Where is my mind

    Igor Gonya – Encerrar

    Ocean Wisdom – Walkin

    Galt MacDermot – Coffee cold

  • LesVoisinsDaQuoté-003


  • Les Voisins Da Quoté – 02


    Francky goes to Pointe à Pitre – Kazikunu
    Lepee – Dreams
    Marta Ren & The Groovelvets – So long
    Elliott Wheeler feat Donna Missal-Travis – Pontrelli power
    Sofia Vebo, Iman Baildi – Poso Lipame
    Prodigy – Omen
    Youth Avoiders – Affliction
    Grouge Away – Swallow
    Louis Jucker et  Coilguns – The woman of the dunes
    Gramatik vs Nirvana vs Bill Burr –  Lake of fire
    Guts –  Aimer sans amour
    Delinquent habits feat Sen Dog – California
    Timber Timbre – I Get Low

  • LesVoisinsDaQuoté-002


  • Les Voisins Da Quoté – 01

    The Slits> I Heard it Through the grapevine
    Grys Grys> Got Love
    Amyl and the Sniffers> Some Mutts
    Straight Arrows> Headache
    Kapitan Korsakov> Sylvie
    Mother Maybelle and the Carter sisters> I’ve got a home up in a glory
    Panda dub> Shankara
    Molchat Doma> Sudno
    Yin Yin> Dis Kô Dis Kô
    Dirty Dike> Plenty More Piss In The Toilet
    Os Muiraquitans> A Misturada
    Marilyn Manson> God’s Gonna Cut You Down
    Billie eilish> Bad Guy
    Red Zebra> I can’t live in a living room
    Micah p hinson> Beneath the rose

  • LesVoisinsDaQuoté-001